Other Issues

These are some of the other issues that are important to me.

Environmental Quality
Minnesota is blessed to be the home of a diverse range of habitats, natural resources, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Waterways from Minnesota drain to three of the major watersheds of the continent. We have an obligation to protect these resources for ourselves, the nation, and future generations.

Quality of Life & Culture
Throughout my life, I have been impressed by our quality of life in Minnesota compared to some other states I have visited. We've had good roads, great parks, and quality government services. Lately, though, this quality is beginning to erode - literally and figuratively. Our roads have potholes that don't get fixed, some of our parks have been closed, and cities have been forced to lay people off. Some towns are laying off police and fire fighters. I think it's a shame that we have allowed this to happen. We need to stand up to the no taxes lobbies and insist that we are indeed willing to pay for our Minnesota quality of life.


  • Jobs and Economic Development Projects - We need to do a better job of quantifying what type of jobs are projected to result from investment in development projects. We frequently see estimates of the number of jobs that might be created by a given project, with little regard to the quality of jobs that will result. We need to invest in industries that will provide stable, long-term employment at livable wages.
  • Immigration - I have been dismayed to observe the scapegoating of immigrants that is happening in political discourse today. Immigrants have been and continue to be an important part of Minnesota. I will fight against any proposed anti-immigrant legislation such as that which has been passed in some other states.

Innovation - Minnesota has a strong history of new business development through technology innovation. Our state is home to many companies that got their start through innovation in the medical, electronic, and manufacturing industries. We need to foster partnerships between our research institutions and industry, and through support of entrepreneurs who are developing new technologies.